Happy Birthday Saucer

Okay not to get all dog-mom crazy on you, but I have to say happy birthday today to my little guy. Saucer turns 7 today.

He’s been with me through a move from Denver to D.C. and back again, my M.A., my first real job, four apartments, one new house, a marriage, a trip to Singapore (he didn’t go, but I was glad he still loved me when I came back), and so much more. He’s changed a bit over the years, but he’s still as ornery as ever and I love him for it.

welcome home



snow trekking



Thanks for guarding the window for me every day, even though you are ruining my couch cushions. Love ya buddy.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Saucer

  1. Happy birthday Saucer! Or as I sometimes call you:
    – little man
    – bubber
    – bubs
    – Saucerificus
    – Saucie
    – Sgt. Saucer (cleaning latrines)
    – etc.

    Does this mean I have to turn in my man card now?

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