I’m Jeni. 32. I started this blog during a brief, somewhat unhappy stint of unemployment, many moons ago. I’m back in the working world doing PR and social media for a nonprofit, but I’m still living that housewife-y dream. This isn’t a mommy blog, but I’ve got a brand new baby girl and I write about what’s in my head. I can’t describe myself in just one paragraph. I’m way too awesome for that. Let’s hang out.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Non-Working Girl,
    Out of sheer vanity, I googled myself and discovered you!
    I am 28, married with a dog and also live in a mouse-infested victorian house. I set up my blog whilst looking for work. In short, I am your British equivalent!
    Love the design of your blog, think it might be time for an upgrade of mine…
    All ther best, The Un-Working Girl

  2. Hey Jeni –
    Looking forward to you speaking at our class this Wed. the 6th.
    Send me an email to confirm at spahlau@ccu.edu and I’ll give you the details.
    Susan Pahlau

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