Jobby Job Job Job!

So, I’ve been debating what to do with this blog for the last week or so.


Because I got a job! Woo to the hoo!!!!!!!!

As of tomorrow, I will no longer be a (non)Working Girl, I will be an actual, full-time, in-an-office, heelsĀ  and everything Working Girl (not in the dirty way obv).

So, yes, I still want to blog of course. And I want to dazzle you with all of my wonderful recipes as I have been doing for many months now. And I want to tell you all about how I finally got this job, and of course what it’s all about when I get there.

But I’m just not sure how I’m going to do that yet. I might start a new blog, just a place where I can write, but without the whole unemployment theme. Or I may just continue writing here, but try to change up that header a bit. What do you guys think? New blog or just stay put?

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2 thoughts on “Jobby Job Job Job!

  1. Oh, don’t leave this blog behind! I love it and you worked so hard on it! And the header is so adorable. Maybe it can be like a nostalgia-inducing thing now that you have this awesome job?

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