40 Hour Blues

Can we please all just agree that we don’t work on Fridays? Just moving forward, it’s like another day of the weekend? And lo, a 4 day work week was given to them?

Oh I know the problems with this, the fact that retailers don’t close and it all trickles down and money and blah blah blah. I don’t care. I am selfish and I want to sleep in tomorrow. Kthxbai.

Now that we’ve settled that.

What is it with Americans and our undying need to work so hard? Where did this come from? I am especially guilty of this.

Even in high school I was bound to some weird code that said I had to get all of my reading done before I did anything fun. My parents didn’t make me do it. It was a personal choice. But I have to think it came from somewhere. There is some innate quality I have that makes me want to work, or feel guilty if I’m not working.

There is no in-between for me. No middle ground.

When I was unemployed I was miserable about being unemployed. Now, I’ve been re-employed for almost a year, and I’m happy at my job, but every day I’m jealous of my husband who gets to work from home and my sisters who are both in school.

I know logically all of those people, in fact people in every type of working (and non-working) situation, have their issues. The things they want to bitch about and the things that drive them crazy. But you know, grass is greener.

In all likelihood, there is absolutely nothing that would make me 100% happy. Were I suddenly give a four-day work week, I’d want it to be three days. But if I had the opportunity to only work three days a week, I might be bored. Or feel guilty. Because I would know that someone out there was working 80 hour weeks.

So what’s the ideal when it comes to work? 20 hours a week? 40? Should I just get over it? Or should we just trade the dollar in for giant stones like they have on Yap? What’s your work week philosophy?

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4 thoughts on “40 Hour Blues

  1. I’ve worked out of my home 3x for different jobs and loved it each and every time.

    I’d love to work four 10’s at home and have Fri/Sat/Sun off…that would be heaven 🙂

  2. I work three days a week, and study at home for a degree the other two. Once I finish the degree, I’d be awfully tempted to keep it at three days, at least for a while.

    But it’s never as simple as that: I don’t enjoy my job on any level, and I’ve found it less stressful to work full-time at a job I liked better.

    The other thing is that in a few months I’ll be going on maternity leave for a year, so it’s all a bit academic. I expect I will go back to work afterwards, but probably not full-time.

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