Making Friends After 30

You know, making friends is so easy when you’re a kid. Hey, you live next door to me? Okay, let’s ride bikes and set piles of leaves on fire.

And then, in high school, things get a little more complicated, but it’s essentially the same thing. You find something in common with someone, or a variety of someones, and you’re all in this super close proximity to each other, sweating in the hallways and worrying about if Mrs. Cash Register face is going to call you out in Geometry or whatever,  and it just happens. You bond. Viola. Friends.

Now that I’m 30, I’m realizing it’s harder and harder to make new friends. I love the friends I have of course, but you know, sometimes a girl sees a girl and she’s pretty and maybe said something that sounded cool and I like her haircut and please be my new best friend!

So how do you do it? Twitter I guess. I see that happening a lot around here. Not naming any names you know who you are friend of mine. And there are blog friends. That actually works sometimes (hi Jess!) And then there’s work. But eh, don’t want to get those too too mixed up. There’s the gym. I’m sweaty, you’re sweaty, we both like Turbo Kick. But how do we turn that into Happy Hour or something? I don’t know.

Am I the only one this is hard for? How do you make friends as you get older? Do you just have to be bold? Maybe I just need to get bold.