Workout Playlist

So kids, you may or may not know this about me, but once upon a time I was a serious punk rawker. Well, not that serious. More like a pop punker. I dunno, whatever there was in 1995. It was awesome. I wore Guttermouth t-shirts that mortified my mother (side note, we still can’t agree on clothing very often) and I put my hair into two little buns and I set trays on fire at Wendy’s. Because that’s how I rolled.

These days I’ve cleaned up my act a little, but I still like to rock out with the best of them. You should see me play guitar hero. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy totally inappropriate, often-times misogynistic rap music as well as teeny-bopper music that has absolutely no creativity or originality, and then of course the typical Indie fabulousness that most of my friends listen to. I love all of those things. And for my workout music, the music I need to shake my booty to when I’m jamming on the treadmill or attempting to lift something heavier than my couch cushions, it needs to have some variety. So here’s my latest playlist, complete with old faves Rise Against and AFI as well as the new  hits (you know I had to put some Lady GaGa in there).  Got anything good I should add?

Workout Mix